Pastor's Sermons


Communion Worship service with sermon entitled " A New Year" 1/3/2021

Worship Service with Sermon " Ancient Biblical Advice" 1/17/2021

Worship Service with Sermon " Biblical Revelation" 1/31/2021

Worship Service with Sermon " Being Honest With God" 2/28/2021

Worship Service 3/14/21 with Sermon "Walking With Messiah Jesus" 

Worship Service 3/28/21 with Sermon "Jesus-The King?" 

Worship Service 4/11/21 with Sermon "The Wishing Game" 

Compassion Worship Service 4/25/21

Worship Service 5/9/21 with Sermon "Love is God's idea" 

Worship Service 5/23/21 with Sermon "The Importance of Pentecost" 

Youth Sunday Worship Service 6/6 21  

Worship service 6/20/21 with sermon "God's Work In Us"   

Worship service 7/4/21 with sermon "Declaration of Dependence"   

Worship service 7/18/21 with sermon "The Truth About Christians"   

Worship service 8/1/21 with sermon "The Lord of the Church"   

Worship service 8/15/21 with sermon "What Doesn't Change"   

Worship service 8/29/21 with sermon "Jesus Is Lord"   

Worship service 9/12/21 with sermon "Making Important, Right Choices"   

Worship service 9/26/21 with sermon "An Open Door"   

Worship service 10/10/21 with sermon "Extreme Devotion"   

Worship Service with Sermon " Serving Jesus Christ" 1/10/2021

Worship Service with Sermon " God's PPE" 1/24/2021

Worship Service with Sermon " A Different Philosophy" 2/21/2021

Worship Service 3/7/21 with Sermon " The Cost of Truth" 

Worship Service 3/21/21 with Sermon "The Sympathetic Savior" 

Easter Worship Service 4/4/21 with Sermon "The Unique Cosmic Event" 

Worship Service 4/18/21 with Sermon "A Suffering World" 

Worship Service 5/2/21 with Sermon "Caution: God At Work" 

Worship Service 5/16/21 with Sermon "Never Give Up" 

Worship Service 5/30/21 with Sermon "A Christian Perspective" 

Worship service 6/13/21 with sermon "The Christian's New Clothes"   

Worship service 6/27/21 with sermon "Our Constant Struggle"   

Worship service 7/11/21 with sermon "Hard to Do!"   

Worship service 7/25/21 with sermon "The Invitation"   

Worship service 8/8/21 with sermon " Getting Well"  

Worship service 8/22/21 with sermon "Deciding to Love"   

Worship service 9/5/21 with sermon "The Pilgrims' Marathon"   

Worship service 9/19/21 with sermon "The Cost of Truth"   

Worship service 10/3/21 with sermon "All In"   

Worship service 10/17/21 with sermon "The Most Difficult Thing"