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Youth Ministries

Holmes Presbyterian Church is blessed to have specific age related, Christ centered, education and a support program for youth. Our youth program is open to any youth in the community who wishes to attend regardless of church affiliation. Please feel free to contact the church for more information or attend any meeting.

Youth Group

The Youth Group has been in existence at Holmes Church for many years. It has been so successful, that a Young Adult Bible Study has started with our post youth group members. Since 1996, the Holmes Youth Group has been under the direction of Mark & Becky Kalbach. The members meet every Sunday night (Sept-May) from 6-7:30PM with youth 7th thru 12th grade. During this time, the group focuses on societal issues/pressures and solutions to those issues based on Biblical principles. Through games and activities, in a respectful, supportive, non threatening atmosphere our youth can be themselves and express their opinions. Year after year total strangers meet and become best friends. Over the years, for many of these youth, strong bonds of friendship form  that draw them together even outside church activities. These bonds are so strong with graduating members that our last program was recently started.

Young Adult Bible Study Group

This group is made up of many of our post youth group members although it is open to anyone who wishes to attend. The young adults meet on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm. The goal of the class is to grow in the knowledge of Christ. Our YABS group is also passionate about helping others and looks to serve people by volunteering in different organizations.

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